Driver Simulator

Our Reconfigurable Driver Simulator (RDS) technology represents the next generation in vehicle simulation, featuring a unique range of motion, innovative flexibility and engaging realism.

The future-proof modular design of the RDS enables great flexibility and reduces costs through the integration of proven industrial technology. Derived from a customised industrial robot, the RDS is a highly dynamic motion platform for immersive training that provides high-fidelity vehicle simulation and overcomes the limitations of current motion platform technology. It has a large six degree of freedom range of motion, compared to traditional simulators, and two axes of continuous rotation, enabling realistic accelerations and manoeuvres that cannot be replicated by existing motion platforms. Quickly interchangeable cabins support operator training for multiple platform types, including rotary and fixed wing aircraft, tracked and wheeled armoured vehicles, light vehicles, trucks and boats. The RDS uses haptic vehicle controls, detailed vehicle dynamics and terrain modelling to accurately replicate the experience of driving each vehicle type.

Immersive Technologies +

  • Customised, highly-dynamic industrial robot motion platform
  • Fully-instrumented cabins enclosing high-fidelity vehicle controls, instrument panels and visualisation hardware replicating the form, fit and function of actual vehicles
  • Advanced haptically-enabled (force-feedback) steering wheels, pedals, cyclics and collectives
  • Detailed vehicle simulation environments, vehicle dynamics, terrain management and image generation

Dynamic Motion +

  • Large six degree of freedom motion envelope compared to traditional simulators
  • Replicates full range of vehicle motions and realistic acceleration
  • Two axes of continuous rotation
  • Capability for manoeuvres that can’t be replicated by traditional motion platforms
  • Reduced motion sickness
  • Explore vehicle behaviour at the edge of performance envelopes in a safe, controlled environment:
    • Vehicle limits and accident situations
    • Rollover
    • Slipping
    • Large angles and vertical displacements

Reconfigurable Realism +

  • Quickly interchangeable cabins support operator training for multiple platform types:
    • Rotary/fixed wing aircraft
    • Tracked and wheeled armoured vehicles
    • Light vehicles and trucks
    • Boats
  • Rapid reconfiguration between vehicle types
  • Agnostic to vehicle original equipment manufacturers
  • Modular approach provides agile, future-proofed training system meets growing simulation needs
  • Containerised variant provides portable driver training capability

Low-Cost Capability +

  • Industrial robot platform ensures:
    • Low capital cost
    • Low operational costs
    • Long service life
    • High reliability
    • Low maintenance
  • Integrated COTS technologies
  • Simulate multiple vehicle types with common motion platform:
    • Reduces number of unique vehicle simulators and FSRs
    • Reduces need for instructor training on multiple systems
    • Enables high simulator utilisation
    • Supports high trainees
    • Lowers the cost of ownership

High-Fidelity Training +

  • Simulate controlled operation, obstacle crossing technique and vehicle fault recovery
  • Upset training simulation and analysis
  • Detailed vehicle dynamics models enable drivers to experience:
    • Driving on varying road surfaces, different road and weather conditions and the effects of micro-terrain
    • Difference between heavily laden and unladen vehicles
  • Intelligent predictive control delivers real-time, robust motion cues for a range of air, sea and land vehicles
  • Human perception-based algorithms minimise discrepancies between simulator motion and that of the simulated vehicle, reducing motion sickness
  • Embraced by the user community:
    • 95% of drivers in a 2017 trial voted the RDS as the most realistic vehicle simulator they had experienced

Universal Motion Simulation

UMS is focused on the design and manufacture of reconfigurable, high-fidelity motion simulators for driver, pilot and sailor training.

Our core Reconfigurable Driver Simulator (RDS) is a highly dynamic motion platform consisting of a six degree of freedom robotic arm, interchangeable replica vehicle cabins, haptically-enabled control devices and immersive simulation environments featuring detailed vehicle dynamics and terrain modelling.


Dr. Peter J Meikle Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ben Goodman Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

P: (+61) 03 4246 0970


ManuFutures Building NP, Deakin University, 75 Pigdons Road, Waurn Ponds, Victoria, 3216 Australia